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MesoMoist is an effective moisturizing lotion which soothes and
relieves dry, itchy, irritated and aky skin by supplying required
moisture and nutrition. This lotion helps the skin to restore its natural
protective barrier and enhances the skin fairness if used regularly.
Moisturizes, tones and pampers the skin
Nourishes, heals and repairs the skin
Vitamin E keeps skin soft and supple
Protects skin from infection
Suitable for all age group/all skin type
Safe on all body parts


200 ml




Sweet almond oil
Wheat germ oil
Jojoba oil
Olive oil
Geranium oil
Vitamin E and Moringa leaf extract

How to Use:

Apply Moistphil Lotion liberally to the skin areas wherever hydration
required. Gently massage the lotion till it disappears. Use regularly
once / twice a day or as advised for maximum hydration. Apply twice
or thrice a day in winter season when extra moisturization required.

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