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Meso Clear effectively reduces pigmentation, blemishes,
discoloration, dark spots and acne scars. This cream rejuvenates
the skin thoroughly, improves its texture and makes the
complexion even- toned, lighter and smooth.
Lightens the skin tone with glow
Increases the skin radiance
Detoxies and Evens out the skin tone
Exfoliates dead skin & provides spotless skin
Does not cause any breakouts
Suitable or all skin type


100 ml




Alpha Arbutin from mulberry (Morus Alba), Licorice
Saffron oil, Kiwi seed, Rose Seed oil, Shea Butter
Tea Tree Oil
Camelliasinesis extract
Kojic Diplamitate
Citrus aurantium
Fragrance: Green Appl

How to Use:

Cleanse the face and dry it. After that apply appropriate amount
of Meso Clear on face and neck and massage the cream gently
until absorbed.Use it twice daily for faster result and apply
sunscreen in day time for protection.

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