Terms & Conditions

Terms of Availing Our Services

Using the site or buying/availing any of the goods or services on it tells fulfilling the subsequent terms:

People should avail our Telemedicine Services & Clinic only under these following circumstances:

  • Those who feel that the current state of the art in conventional or even alternative medicine accessible to you is inadequate to deal with your condition.
  • If you want to avoid surgery. Whether it is a minor one like Tonsillitis or something more serious like Ovarian cyst where you perceive the risk of such a procedure outweigh the potential benefits.
  • If you feel that applying the conventional options would have side-effects many of which are already acknowledged by the producers of products or the Healthcare Authorities.
  • If you want to avail of completely side-effect free treatment as our remedies are made from Highly Diluted substances Natural Substances that are incapable of causing any harm.
  • As you have decided to go for Homoeopathic treatment and are convinced from your own assessment that we are the most experienced and well proven Homoeopathic healthcare service provider in the world who also have the expertise to deliver the treatment swiftly through our Clinics & Telemedicine anywhere in the world or via a face to face consultation in a location accessible to you.
  • If the patient is not able to undergo the conventional treatment options like Surgery, Chemotherapy or take strong conventional medicines on account of his/her health condition.