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Lichen Planus Homeopathic Treatment In Kolkata

Do You Suffer from Lichen Planus? Discover the Healing Power of Fusion Homeopathy

Your Health Needs - Addressed: Lichen Planus is an autoimmune condition marked by a chronic recurrent rash due to inflammation. These rashes are characterized by flat bumps that can merge into scaly plaques. This long-standing ailment is non-allergic, non-infectious, and non-contagious. It may manifest as lacy white patches in the mouth or painful sores. Though it can affect anyone, women are more susceptible.

Why Choose Dr. Paulís Fusion Homeopathic Treatment?

  • Individual Care: We listen, understand, and devise treatments tailored to your unique needs.
  • Tradition & Innovation: A blend of the 100-year legacy of Dr. Paulís family in Fusion Homeopathy and the latest therapeutic innovations.
  • Integrated Approach: We're the only clinic in Eastern India offering an integrated treatment approach. Our Fusion Homeopathy combines personalized remedies, phototherapy, specialized topical formulations, and effective nutraceutical supplements.
  • Trust and Quality: Our dedicated team of extensively trained doctors ensures you get the best care.
  • Natural Healing: Our treatment is 100% non-steroidal. Rely on natural homeopathy medicines for a faster recovery.
  • Proven Results: Most patients see a cure within 12-18 months, with a rare few requiring up to 24 months. This makes it one of the fastest, safest ways to rid yourself of Lichen Planus permanently.
  • Global Reach: Our presence spans Kolkata, Guwahati, and Jorhat. But no matter where you are in the world, you can consult online and have medicines home-delivered.

Rooted in Caring We're proud of our happy patient community, and their word-of-mouth recommendations speak volumes of our commitment and care.

Understanding Lichen Planus & Its Causes While the exact cause remains elusive, certain triggers, including Hepatitis C infection, vaccines, certain chemicals, and prolonged medication use, can exacerbate it. A detailed biopsy and other tests help diagnose and tailor treatments effectively.

Symptoms to Look Out For:

  • Purple flat bumps, often on the inner forearm, wrist, or ankle.
  • Itching and blisters.
  • Lacy white patches or painful sores in the mouth/vagina.
  • Hair and nail damage.

Various types manifest differently, from hyperkeratotic papules on the legs to linear or bullous forms.

Why Homeopathy for Lichen Planus? Every variant of Lichen Planus responds remarkably well to Fusion homeopathy. With us, you're not just getting treatment; you're embracing a cure. Experience the profound benefits of Fusion Homeopathy in treating skin, mouth, and genital Lichen Planus.

Connect & Commence Your Healing Journey Reach out to us at +91 9230001122 for appointments or online consultations. Your path to recovery begins here.


Rupa Bera

I am 70 years old and I have had arthritis for 10 years. Then I got to know about Dr. Paul's HomeoZone. Then I took only a few visits and my arthritis problem is totally cured now. I am very thankful to all the doctors who have helped me to cure and give the life I used to live in my 20’s.

Bapun Pahari

For a long time I had dark spots and acne spots on my skin. I tried several costly products but nothing worked. Then I came here to Dr. Paul's HomeoZone and the doctors are so good and well behaved. After only 2 visits all my pimples and spots are gone. And now my face is glowing, and I have pimple free and smooth skin. Thanks to Dr. Paul's HomeoZone.

Isha Sen

I want to sincerely thank the whole team for the hard work they have put behind me. They have helped me a lot and I would 100% recommend them. Please keep up the good work and change more lives.

S. Nandi

Best and suitable clinic for hair treatment.... taking hair treatment from Dr Paul's clinic and really appreciable fact is that the Doctors themselves call up the patients and take feed back from the patients.....Skin treatment is also very good under trained professionals with all modern equipments and machineries.... Best Clinic for Hair and Skin treatment

Mr. Biswajit Patra

Good Coordinates with patient. Skin treatment also very good. My treatment is running for hair and skin. Till date 85% have stoped my hair fall and showing better result for Skin treatment. I will change my feedback after complete my treatment as well.