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Meso Grow stimulates hair follicles, controls hair fall, blocks DHT,
increases hair density, initiates new hair follicle growth and
reduces thinning of hair. Regular usage of this serum provides
required nourishment and hydration to the scalp, repairs damaged
cells, regulates sebaceous secretion, improves follicle health and
promotes faster hair growth.
Curbs hair fall (Alopecia, Baldness)
Nourishes the scalp & increases hair volume
Relieves stress & stress related hair fall
60% actives promotes healthy hair
Safe alternative for hair oil
Suitable for all hair/scalp type


60 ml




Tocotrienol 12 %
Oriart 12 %
Keratin Protein
Grape seed Extract
Pygeum bark extract
Zinc Sulphate
Vit. B6
Oleic acid
Linoleic acid
Alpha Linoleic acid
Azelaic acid
Argan oil
Evening Primrose oil and Avocado oil.

How to Use:

Apply 2-5 pumps of Meso Grow to the affected and surrounding
areas (or entire scalp) and massage gently once/twice daily. Keep
on scalp at-least for 4 hours. For best results use daily in
conjunction with Meso Care Shampoo.

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