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Meso Fair is a detanning lotion enriched with Glycolic, Lactic and
Kojic acid which gently exfoliates and restores moisture, elasticity
and luminosity of the skin. This formulation helps to reduce acne
and acne marks, relieves rough and dry skin, minimizes
blackheads/whiteheads reduces pigmentation and repairs the skin
damage caused due to sun exposure.
Lightens skin tone and offers uniform glow
Instant glow mask for special occasion
Removes dead skin/tan/dirt
Primer for pre-makeup
Reduces acne marks on back, shoulder & chest
Lightens intimate areas


100 ml




Aloe Barbadensis
Glycolic acid 12%
Lactic acid
Kojic acid & Berry Extract

How to Use:

Prepare skin by cleansing and toning; gently apply MesoFair at night
like a creamy mask all over the desired area (Face/leg/body parts)
once or twice in a week. For best results avoid heavy sun exposure
and use sunblock during day time. Use overnight for de-tanning.
For special glow apply 3 hrs before any event as a wash off mask.

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